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Business Services

Don’t let administrative tasks cause you unnecessary stress. Bookkeeping, collecting on sales, invoicing, preparing payroll, HST filing, financial statements and analyzing sales results can feel overwhelming, time consuming and take you away from your customers.


We can help. We work closely with you to manage these tasks, so you can focus on your business.


· Bookkeeping and Accounting

· Financial Reporting

· Business Planning, Forecasting & Analysis

· HST and Tax Filing

· Payroll and T4 Preparation

· Business Start-up Planning

Personal Services

The tax code and government programs change annually and can be a challenge to keep up with. We can help you maximize your return by helping with deductions, advising on government programs and providing tax planning advice. And not only will we complete your income tax form, but we’ll go over it with you and submit it electronically so it will be assessed as quickly as possible.


· Income Tax Filing or Re-filings

· Multiple Year Filings

· Tax Planning

Have you received a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency and need help? We’ll act as your representative, working directly with the CRA to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.


We don’t charge a flat fee since our clients’ financial situations are unique and sometimes complicated. Instead, we provide a free initial consultation to learn more about you and then we’ll provide you a quote on cost before we proceed.

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